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1Aaron TApple iPad 128GB
2Thorren F£600
3Ionut B£300
4Fabian P£200
5Ann Marie M£200
6Janis R£200
7Florin Marian U£200
8Anna Z£100
9Gemma D£100
10Robert T£100
11Tomasz K£100
12Ivana S£100
13Kadir N£100
14Zeeshan A£100
15Julita M£100
16Jolana M£100
17Seral H£40
18Ioan Lucian O£40
19Egidijus S£40
20Andrea D£40
21Modris K£40
22Kayleigh S£40
23Alexandru M£40
24Ciprian P£40
25Elzbieta T£40
26Adrian C£40
27Natasha B£20
28Kim T£20
29Georgel M£20
30Grzegorz K£20
31Jamie W£20
32Keith N£20
33Ann D£20
34Dimitar T£20
35Dorel D£20
36Lee F£20
37Oday A£20
38Justin E£20
39Julie R£20
40Clare I£20
41Jacqueline A£20
42Christopher L£20
43Sutida G£20
44Jacqueline M£20
45Tomasz G£20
46Krishna V£20
47Arunas P£20
48Matthew S£20
49Chris G£20
50Hunor B£20
51Philip D£20
52Sebastian H£10
53Ryan T£10
54Saugirdas R£10
55Boris H£10
56Negoita L£10
57Ricards O£10
58Antony J£10
59Claire R£10
60Dan M£10
61Fehim G£10
62Kimberly S£10
63Donna C£10
64Toni J£10
65Luke E£10
66Alin A£10
67Marina B£10
68Lorraine M£10
69Elaine C£10
70Jo G£10
71Adan B£10
72Leah D£10
73Mary D£10
74Daniel B£10
75Rachel E£10
76Robert Q£10
77Shads R£10
78Margaret H£10
79Marie B£10
80Teofil L£10
81Nick B£10
82Dmitrijs S£10
83Marc B£10
84James C£10
85Jonathan H£10
86Sue M£10
87Aisha A£10
88Abdulmuhaimen H£10
89Karol K£10
90Tessa C£10
91Kellie H£10
92Lee C£10
93George Adrian M£10
94Maureen L£10
95Michael G£10
96William C£10
97Paul D£10
98Marcin K£10
99Paul S£10
100Chloe L£10
101Joshua T£10
102Lee C£10
103Ma Juliet M£10
104Dee O£10
105Diana F£10
106Mateusz K£10
107Kane R£10
108Ewan C£10
109Tomasz P£10
110Louise K£10
111Robert R£10
112Jozef K£10
113Daniel Z£10
114Pawel F£10
115Daniel Iulian D£10
116Caroline V£10
117David D£10
118Nicola P£10
119Diane N£10
120Viorel B£10
121Julie H£10
122Martin M£10
123Adrian B£10
124Jamie F£10
125Marek K£10
126Vasilii L£10
127Minodor F£10
128Luis S£10
129Silviu M£10
130Filip D£10
131Elizabeth C£10
132Baiba B£10
133Kayleigh S£10
134Chris O£10
135Michal Z£10
136Christopher G£10
137Jhonatan C£10
138Matus A£10
139Mareks M£10
140Francis A£10
141Marius P£10
142Ion G£10
143Russell B£10
144Apostol Constantin S£10
145Liviu M£10
146Valentin A£10
147Susan M£10
148Jayne H£10
149Alex C£10
150Madeline O£10
151Blagovest M£10
152Amy B£10
153Lienite B£10
154Dana S£10
155Dave R£10
156Aleksandrs V£10
157Laura B£10
158Loukia V£10
159Winnit M£10
160Sergejs S£10
161Kim C£10
162Samantha S£10
163Michal M£10
164Diane S£10
165Jovelen H£10
166Alina S£10
167Noel M£10
168Lukasz Z£10
169Stephen Anthony S£10
170Vitor T£10
171Nicusor Fanel H£10
172Aivars K£10
173Michelle G£10
174Iris M£10
175John W£10
176Ionut D£10
177Marian P£10
178Suriya T£10
179Matthew B£10
180Tim M£10
181Natalja A£10
182Michael T£10
183George A£10
184Michael C£10
185Debra R£10
186Eduard M£10
187Ovhzan T£10
188Grant B£10
189Ruth R£10
190Katalin V£10
191Mihai Catalin I£10
192Jonathan P£10
193Robert R£10
194Michael D£10
195Andrea W£10
196Kieran M£10
197Alan P£10
198David T£10
199Sawitree W£10
200David M£10
201Toni H£10

Key Terms

  1. This offer is valid from 00:01 on Monday 3rd December to 23:59 on Sunday 9th December 2018.
  2. Customers must 'opt in' to this promotion via the 'opt in' button displayed on the promotional page in order to qualify.
  3. Upon opting into the promotion, customers will receive 1 x free ticket into the prize draw.
  4. Customers will then earn 1 x additional ticket for every £10 staked (or €12) on any slot game at Admiral Casino during the promotional period (outlined in term 1). For example, if a customer staked £100 on any slot(s) game between 00:01 Monday 3rd December to 23:59 on Sunday 9th December 2018, they would have earned 10 x additional tickets in the prize draw (11 x tickets in total).
  5. Only stakes made with cash will contribute towards earning tickets into the Prize Draw.
  6. There is no limit to the amount of tickets that one customer can earn during the promotional period (outlined in term 1).
  7. Gambling is for entertainment, please play responsibly! You are encouraged not to bet beyond your usual limits in order to chase additional prize draw tickets.
  8. By opting in to this promotion you have agreed for us to calculate your total tickets based on your stakes over the promotional period (term 1).
  9. Tangible prize breakdown is as follows – 1 x winning ticket will win an Apple iPad.
  10. Bonus Prize breakdown is as follows and will be credited in the form of a bonus: £600 x 1, £300 x 1, £200 x 4, £100 x 9, £40 x 10, £20 x 25 and £10 x 150. The total prize fund is therefore £5,000.
  11. On Monday 26th November 2018, 201 x tickets will be drawn at random.
  12. One tangible prize or bonus voucher prize will be awarded per winning customer.
  13. Tangible prize winning customers will be notified within 48 hours of the promotion ending.
  14. Tangible prize winners will then have a maximum of 7 days to notify us of a valid postal address. If tangible prize winners fail to notify us of a valid postal address within this time period, they will subsequently forfeit the prize.
  15. A redraw for any outstanding unclaimed tangible prizes will then take place on Monday 3rd December 2018.
  16. Tangible prizes will be dispatched within thirty (30) days of tangible prize winner having confirmed his/her valid postal address. The name and postal address of the prize winners shall be shared with the dispatching company. This data will only be processed within the UK subject to adequate security measures and deleted by the dispatching company as soon as the prize has been dispatched, unless any retention period applies by law.
  17. Bonus funds will be credited within 24 hours of the promotion ending.
  18. In the event that you already have an active bonus in your account, the bonus for this promotion will be queued until all previously awarded bonuses have either been converted to cash, expired or forfeited. It can remain in a queue for a maximum of thirty (30) days, after which it will expire.
  19. Once the bonus is active, it will expire after 7 days and any remaining bonus funds associated with this offer will be forfeited.

Wagering Requirements

  1. Bonus funds will begin as non-withdrawable. A wagering requirement is the amount of cash you will need to wager in order to convert your bonus funds into cash and make it withdrawable.
  2. The wagering requirement for this promotion is x10 your bonus award amount (e.g. £10 bonus x 10 = £100).
  3. You can progress through the wagering by staking cash on qualifying games. Please note: Bonus funds are non-playable, see Important Exclusions for more information.
  4. Not all games contribute towards the wagering requirements at the same rate. Below is a list of the contributions across all games:

    Slots – 100% Contribution

Every £1 staked will contribute £1 towards the wagering requirement


Roulette (including Roulette S, Royal Crown & Lux) – 20% Contribution

Every £1 staked will contribute £0.20 (20%) towards the wagering requirement


Royal Crown 3 Card Brag – 20 % contribution

Every £1 staked will contribute £0.20 (20%) towards the wagering requirement


Blackjack (Including Royal Crown & Lux) – 10 % contribution

Every £1 staked will contribute £0.10 (10%) towards the wagering requirement


Video Poker (American Poker II) – 10 % contribution

Every £1 staked will contribute £0.10 (10%) towards the wagering requirement


Wagering Progression

  1. As you progress through the wagering, your bonus will be converted into cash in increments of £10 and will do so in proportion to your wagering requirement. For example: If you are awarded a £20 bonus with x10 requirement (target: £200), then you would convert the first £10 of the bonus after wagering £100. The remaining £10 bonus would then convert after wagering a total of £200.
  2. Your wagering progression will be clearly demonstrated within your bonus page whilst the bonus is active. This will also indicate how much wagering is required to convert each £10 step.

Important Exclusions

  1. Bonus funds are non-playable and cannot be used to place a stake.
  2. Demo Play, Free Spins & Gamble Round play will not be considered for the conversion of the bonus funds.
  3. All Live Casino games are excluded from this promotion, therefore any stakes played on Live Roulette, Live Blackjack or Live Baccarat will not contribute towards the wagering requirement.
  4. If you choose to make a withdrawal before the wagering requirements have been met, then any remaining bonus funds will be forfeited.

Further Rules

  1. Where any term of the promotion is breached or any attempt is made to manipulate the promotion in any way, this will lead to an immediate block to your account and cancellation of the bonus funds.
  2. Admiral Casino reserves the right to modify or discontinue this promotion temporarily or permanently at any time.
  3. General terms and conditions apply:


In case of any queries, please send an email to: or call us on 0800 00 26 278.


Gambling is for entertainment, please play responsibly! Visit our "Responsible Gaming" page for more information.


This offer is being promoted by Greentube Alderney Ltd. (trading as Admiral Casino) with a registered office address of 12 Victoria Street, Alderney, GY9 3UF.