We process your data for the following purposes: 

  1. administer the Website/Apps, including setting up and operating your account;
  2. ensure the accuracy of your data for the purposes of age verification, preventing fraud, cheating or money laundering, reducing business risks and protecting the integrity of our games and sports bets. These activities will include a degree of semi-automatic profiling, based on your registration and gambling activity data;
  3. fulfil the Website/Apps GT&C, including the delivery of live games and placement of sport bets; 
  4. process online payments with third party payment providers and/or financial institutions; 
  5. provide you with customer support, including telephone. Phone conversations may be recorded for security reasons, due to regulatory obligations and to enhance our services;
  6. comply with laws, regulatory obligations or respond to requests from government authorities. These are mainly set in financial laws, anti-money laundering and responsible gaming. They may include a degree of semi-automatic profiling, based on your registration and gaming activity data;
  7. protect our rights, including our related parties. In some cases we may believe that it is necessary, including in good faith, to record and disclose data to: (i) protect, enforce, or defend our legal rights, privacy, safety or property, (ii) protect your and public safety, privacy and security, or (iii) for business risk management; 
  8. improve the security, services and features provided by the Website/Apps. This may include provision of partially customised services, features and recommendations, conduct research and surveys, ask for your optional feedback, internal trainings and Affiliates services;
  9. complete potential merger or sale of assets. If we sell all or part of the business or assets, or are involved in a merger or transfer, we may disclose and transfer your data to the other party(s);
  10. further to your specific and optional consent, provide customised marketing communications fitting your interests and expectations. These are based on registration and gaming activity data; and 
  11. further to your specific and optional consent provide direct marketing communications that are of (i) generic nature or partially based on your gambling journey and/or (ii) customised via: email, instant messages, and (where applicable) chats, SMS and telephone.  

We shall inform you in case the data may be processed for other purposes and parties.