If your device crashes before the end of a round, or the game gets interrupted for any reason (for instance if you have lost internet connection), you can return to the game within 15 minutes to resume your play where you left off.

Please note that until you resume play (within 15 minutes), your funds will still be within the game. Therefore playing attempting to play a different game while you still have an unfinished round may not be possible.

After 15 minutes, the game will continue playing on our game-server until the end of the round – or until all the bonus games are complete and the game session will end. In the event the result was determined and you had a winning outcome, then the win amount will be added to your account balance. You can view the replay of exactly what happened from your Gaming History screen.

All games on Admiral Casino are constantly monitored and recorded. With the exception of Live Dealer, they are all server based.

In the very unlikely event that one of our server crashes, the probable winnings for your game at the time of the server crash will be credited to your account – as compensation provided for us voluntarily. This credit will be displayed within two hours of a server crash.

This guarantees that your probable winnings or losses will still be correctly calculated even in the event of an unforeseen event.